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 Posted: Thu Jan 13th, 2022 03:23 pm
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Don Drew


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Hi Almostretired.

I did a lot of research.  I did not know what I was doing,
I did not know if I could even operate one.

I have an engineering degree and computer science degree,
so I figured if it was just computer stuff I may be smart enough (maybe).

So I purchased from AMAZON.  I felt like I could trust them (also maybe).
I bought an ANYCUBIC MEGA S for around $200.00 bucks,
and ordered 2 Kilo spools of PLA filament.

All of this seemed to be low end reasonably priced and easy to use.
So as usual I have never had so much fun, been so satisfied.

The 3D-printer is a computer, as with all computers,
they will only do WHAT YOU TELL THEM TO DO.
A lot of people do not realize that. 
They only understand 1-2 3-4-5 etc.
They do not understand 1-3-6-8-4.

As I said, I looked at a lot of tutorials on youTube before I purchased,
so many youTubers just like to hear themselves talk and don't say much.
So I looked at quite a few. They were very helpful.


P.S.  Are you in the USA ?

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