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 Posted: 16 Jan 2022 08:52 am
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Steven B

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So, my experience with tunnels is,
before you enclose it, make sure the track is bullet proof.

No switches, that is your train wreck. 
Just leave one open the wrong way, and you'll see.

No reversing curves, without a straight,
twice as long than your longest car or locomotive, between the curves,
to keep couplers from offsetting and pulling them off the track.
Always use a easement to go into curves,
especially the reversing ones in a tunnel.

Make sure all of your cars and locomotives are to a set of standards,
and weighted following the NMRA recommended practices,
and all couplers are to a set height using a coupler height gauge. 

I have been building to On3 standards on my On30. 
Makes it tougher and have to modify Bachmann stuff pretty drastically. 

Also be sure to check your wheel gauges, locomotives and cars. 
All of them should be to the NMRA standards gauge.
Maintenance is the key. 
If the stuff is maintained, you'll reduce the chance of disaster.

Can't wait to see what you are doing !

Steven B.
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