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 Posted: Sun Jan 16th, 2022 02:21 pm
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Hadn't thought about the leaving a switch open scenario...

I know there are electrical light indicators for that,
and probably even track power wiring safeguards,
but that's a level of complexity I am looking to avoid.

I am starting with A Bachmann heritage set, but several couplers were damaged.
In looking at replacing them I read bad things about the Bachmann E-Z Mate couplers,
so I switched to Kadee #148s since I need couplers for scratchbuilt cars anyways.

As for trucks, I have gone thru multiple scenarios.
Other than their bright red color, I liked the Bachmann archbar freight trucks,
that came under the tender to my 2-6-0 McBurger steamer. 
That was until I priced them starting at $18 the pair.
How and what I settled on I guess I should discuss in the other thread,
I started asking about vendor experience with San Juan Car company.

Basically, I settled on Tichy HO archbar trucks, but using Kadee On30 24" wheel sets,
a very reasonably priced solution for my needs, at least. buying in multiples, of course,
I can assemble reasonable looking archbar freight trucks for less than $8 a pair.

I have some different gauges of sheet copper (denser than steel) to fashion weights
to hide under my cars, also looking at hollow center sills for stashing birdshot.
If I let shot run back and forth loose, I could get some realistic jumping
when the train takes up slack, or slows.... just kidding about that last part.

Mark from Illinois
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