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 Posted: Sun Jan 16th, 2022 04:52 pm
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Steven B

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Nothing like slack running out on freight cars. 
Fortunately for your Conductor, they are "small trains" ! 
There is nothing like the uncushioned bang, bang, bang, bang...
bang, uh ! Dang ! in a caboose.
Hold tight.

It's not just an open switch, if it doesn't throw all the way,
or something hangs up the points...  yikes ! 
Switches require maintenance.  If you're going to have one in a tunnel,
make it accessible to see it.  Just my experience here.

To me it sounds like the Tichy option is a good one if you like the look. 
I am trying to go with the McCloud (I don't think that is how they spell it) trucks. 
They make a "Carter" style that suits my rivet counting recovery. 

Wheels for them ?  Well I am having a problem with that though. 
They are spendy, but I saw a fix that I have not tried yet, building new axles. 
It comes down to a matter of time.
So just be cautious with the long inaccessible tunnels. 
They will be your achilles heel.
Fewer moving parts are the key.

Steven B.
Humboldt & Toiyabe Rwy
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