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 Posted: Sun Jan 16th, 2022 05:45 pm
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No email reply from San Juan about my product questions.
I guess I'll give them a second phone call to see if they pick up,
and if not, put them to the side for now.

I was primarily interested in their On30 archbar truck kits,
they are highly detailed, but I do have some questions before I purchase,
one was simply the diameter of the wheels, for instance.
They also carry a lot of old Grandt Line detail parts I am interested in.

In the meantime, my purchase of Kadee 24" On30 wheel sets arrived,
and I put them into Tichy HO 100 ton heavy archbar truck kits,
and now I have a reasonable looking truck.

The Tichy HO truck scales to about a 3' O gauge wheelbase,
but the enclosed HO wheels scaled at 17.5" in O.
Two years ago, I tried the largest Kadee HO wheel sets I could find at HO 36",
they scaled to O scale 19.5", better than what came with the Tichy trucks,
but still shorter than what I was looking for. 
Either they are new, or I didn't dig deep into Kadee's catalog 2 years ago,
but now Kadee markets On30 24" Griffin ribbed back metal wheel sets.

I  realize prototype diameters varied a lot,
but with the 3' wheelbase trucks and the small 19" wheels,
the trucks seemed to disappear, even under a narrow 6 1/2' wide car.

I have numerous plans from the Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazettes,
and even though I'm not a stickler for accuracy,
the 18' car I am working on has 22" wheels, as do many of the shorter car plans.

In 1:1 railroading, I get stuck too often at a double rail crossing,
just a mile down the road I live on, so I spend a lot of time looking at freight cars,
and the wheels and trucks seem to be prominent features,
so when model trucks seem to disappear under what I am building, it bothers me.

The best news about this combination of parts,
is that I am in well under $8 for a pair of trucks.

Here's a shot with my new 24" wheels in place under an in-construction frame:

This shot has one HO 36" wheelset in place for comparison:

So, no great loss if San Juan Models keeps silent,
as Kadee and Tichy shipped recent orders fast, well-packaged, at minimal shipping rates. 
Both answered email questions about their products within 48 hours, usually less.

Some close up shots in case any rivet counters wish to crawl under the car:

Mark from Illinois
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