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 Posted: Sun Jan 16th, 2022 06:29 pm
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I've ruled out a switch in the tunnel,
not that stuck on that particular plan anyways.

Steven, I don't know if this next info will help with your truck building,
but it's a result of my own axle/frame research.

The San Juan truck kits I like are fitted for #37131-4 NSWL WHEELSETS.
Those NWSL axles are cylindrical, not pin-pointed,
which means the SJ frames are drilled for a cylindrical bearing, not a point,
not a problem, but it seems to eliminate pointy axle substitutions into SJ frames.

A bigger problem for me is that those NWSL wheelsets are, grab your socks:
$25 for a set of 4 axles.  Could these be the "spendy" wheelsets you speak of ?
There are rivet counters and there are bean counters, and I am definitely the latter.
No way can I invest $25 per car into just NWSL wheelsets.

My possible solution, is that Tichy sells their Nylon cone bearings separately if you want.
Tichy's frames are in a different plastic so you get little white nylon cone bearings
to pop into a cylindrical hole in the frame casting.
My plan if San Juan ever tells me what's up with my questions,
is to insert the Tichy nylon bearings into the SJ truck, and run Kadee 24" pointy axles.

48 bearings for $3.50 :

If interested, I can measure a bearing from my kits.

Some may ask why don't I just order a kit from San Juan, and see ?

Well, I really don't want to reward poor communication, actually it's not poor, it's zero,
and I also don't want my credit card to disappear into a unresponsive company either.

Mark from Illinois
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