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 Posted: Sun Jan 16th, 2022 08:14 pm
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Steven B

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Yup those be the spendy ones. 

I might have bought some years ago, when I was rich and famous,
maybe, now I am poor and notorious, can't do it.  

I like the Kadee sets, axle length is the only problem that I can see. 
They are made on HO length axles.
I use On3 Trucks, they are just a tad wider and don't fit. 
All my trucks need 24" wheels to be "correct".

I like the bearings. 
I wonder if they take out the distance ?

The McCloud trucks need bearings because they are styrene,
and the axles grind out the styrene "bearing" and the truck fails.  
I had gotten some before but do not recall where. 

Soon I'll have to just bite the bullet and figure this stuff out. 
I am just having too much fun with the 1/4 doll houses right now. 
And a layout is going to take some real construction.  

San Juan bought the Grandt Line products.
Those are not "old", they're the new ones. 

Makes me wonder, why they don't answer ?

Steven B.
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