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 Posted: Mon Jan 17th, 2022 12:29 pm
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Last year I bought two "Atlas" trolleys,
they were labeled "Rathgeber" which had no meaning for me.

I intended to use them as trolley shelters somewhere along the line. 

Two weeks ago I noticed chassis of a "Post Triebwagen" at,
obviously a promo item of the German Federal Post.

Trucks seemed to be the same, so I gave it a try.

In the meantime I did a little research... 

The "Rathgeber" car is a Munich Type-A,
and the Poststrassenbahn also was built in Munich after WW2.

Apparently the shop used leftover Maximum trucks from Type-A cars,
maybe from those that were destroyed in the war.

Removed innards in one piece from the Atlas model,
which, as with most Atlas models/toys is nicely detailed,
and checked how the Poststrassenbahn drive might fit.  

Frame was too large in all dimensions, however it was possible to cut it down,
both in length and file it narrower, without compromising essential parts. 

Then used the longitudinal benches I had removed from the carbody,
and glued them in the carbody again to provide support for the new frame,
also glued the leftover cab interiors back in its place.
Cut out the benches to make room for a decoder, then added LEDs front and rear.
As usual, the biggest obstacle was to find a place for the connectors !

Only thing that still puzzles me, is how to attach the body to the chassis,
maybe I will secure it with a drop of glue, as I find no place for a screw. 

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