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 Posted: Fri Feb 11th, 2022 07:59 pm
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I'm currently planning for a self-published book of photos
of my layout as if it were a real line.

It'll be similar in tone as the article I did for the Narrow Gauge Gazette,
as if I found notes and photos from a photographer, made in the 1940s.

The final chapter will have my layout track plan and notes presented
as if I made it based on the 'found' photos, and will mostly be verbiage.

I'm currently working on plans for some sketches of the imagined
(but never modelled) sections of the line that exist only in my own imagination.

They'll be used as 'found drawings from the area from the '40s,
made by the same person who took the photos (a fictional WW2 war correspondent
named after my grandfather, a character that made it into a DC comics WW2-themed
comic book a few years ago as thanks for my assistance on the historical research).

With everything else I have going on, it might be a while.

I need to do the sketches of the non-modelled sections of the layout,
and scenes I wish I'd had room to re-created, based on real ET&WNC locations.

I'm really looking forward to this as it'll include photos
nobody other than myself and a few close friends have seen before.

Commanding Officer, 796th Railway Operating Battalion (in On30 gauge)
Photos of my layout:
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