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 Posted: Sat Feb 19th, 2022 07:45 pm
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Lee, Si and Gerold, thanks for the compliments.

I thought I had more photo's of the compressor but not so much.

And they are also a bit blurry.

The tank itself was made of aluminium foil.
Endcaps were made of the side of some HO pulleys I didn't use anymore.
They were a perfect fit with some round edges.

Wheels, motor driveshaft and fly-wheel are from watch parts.
I bought a sack full of all kind of different watch parts a long time ago,
with the idea that they could be handy one day.
Well, this was the first time I used them.
The outside of the wheels is little ribbed.
Originally they were sprocket-wheels which I sanded down a bit.

The cooling ribs are parts of a screw.

Other parts are made of wood dowel and block,
copper/brass wire, plastic leftovers, parts of a sprue.
For round parts I use sprue's alot.
Often they have all kind of different diameters.

The air hose and power cord (not in the above pictures)
was made of solder wire.

For paint.  Painted it all green.
The cooling ribs did get some dark wash,
to accent the ribs a bit more.
I think I gave the upperside some dusty powder.

Well, that's it for the compressor.


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