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 Posted: Tue Mar 1st, 2022 09:35 pm
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Lee B

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Si. wrote:
I'm always keen on model railroad night photography !  :thumb:
Your latest ones are looking great !!

Congrats. on the cover pic. as well.  :bow:

Thanks, Si. !

I'm very happy with how that cover shot worked out.
I submitted two for that article, and was hoping they'd use this one.

The editor recently emailed me,
saying he intends on using the other eventually for another issue
(the current issue has a cover, that isn't for any article inside the issue).

I have an article already submitted to Railroad Model Craftsman,
and I submitted a shot I really hope would make the cover,
as the layout profile usually gets the cover.

I even did a mockup of the shot, and sent it to the editor as a suggestion.
I was hoping it would get out in 2021, so maybe this year.

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