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 Posted: Sat Mar 12th, 2022 10:17 pm
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I'm a little late to the party, but I'll add my two cents worth.

The Sanborn Fire maps were drawn to scale and there is a scale on the sheet,
10 ft is the smallest interval, but it could probably get you to +/- a foot.,0.159,0.667,0.441,0

Second, most building materials come in 2 ft increments.
Corrugated iron roofs are usually 2 ft wide installed (a little wider but they overlap).

Based on that, it looks like the right of the headframe, are 8 panels, or 16 feet.
Headframe is about 6 1/2 or 13 feet, and to the left, 4 panels or 8 ft, for a total of 37 ft.
There may be a little more to the right of the headframe.

If you want to get precise (in case they overlapped a few corrugations to avoid cutting)
you could count the corrugations in the photo:

If the roof pitch is 45 degrees and the panels were 2 by 10,
then that would make the roof about 28 ft wide.
Minus some overhang, and 26 or 27 ft looks about right.

You could extend the support wires, to get the top of the 35 ft IC for a vertical scale,
or just assume the walls are 8 ft high.

I also see a few hinges on the side towards the back like another door.
And while the models show a wood floor,
I don't see a wooden floor in the doorway by the people.
I wouldn't be surprised if only half the building had a floor, and the left was dirt.
It does look like there is step/threshold on the left side door, so who knows.

One last thing, the vertical boards are random widths,
not all the same as some of the kits appear to be.

I'm sure it was done so our models would be more interesting !

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