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 Posted: 12 Mar 2022 07:35 pm
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Reg H

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Those of you who have been following my adventures for some time
will recall the adventure of the lost pin vise.

Now, this was not just any pin vise.
It was purchased as my first tool dedicated to model building.

My tool box, as a teenager, consisted of used razor blades,
tweezers filched from my Mom's stash,
a pair of needle nose pliers liberated from my Dad's tool box,
and various and unsundry other re-purposed items.

So this pin vise had (has) strong sentimental attachment.

After I cleaned up and organized my model building shop,

I was quite upset.

But !!  VOILA !!


Where was it ?

Well, in organizing my shop I stored away a lot of my scratchbuilding supplies and tools.
I really was not intending to do any scratch building in the near future.  

Somehow, the pin vise got into the tote along with a stack of
styrene, basswood, and other useful oddments and impedimentia.

I had reason to dig into that tote this afternoon.... and there it was !!

Jubilation !!


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