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 Posted: Sun Mar 13th, 2022 10:27 am
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Chris Richardson


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I sympathise, I have very similar problems.

I am renovating a very old farm house in the south of France,
modelling HO/OO and Trix Express, G scale rolling stock and buildings,
doing electrics in the house, cutting timber in the forest for burning,
doing stonework, sanding plasterboard/wood, repairing kids bikes,
and everything else you can think of.

I have similar problems borrowing tools from one job to do another,
and not being able to find them.

So I have started to buy tool boxes for specific jobs.
But this means also buying similar tools for each box,
screw drivers, pliers, cutters, but I'm getting there.

At the moment I have issues with callipers and squares.
I have 4 different squares and 2 callipers,
I almost spend more time looking for the right one than doing the job !

At the moment I am installing more water storage for the garden,
and solar lighting in case of power cuts and for reducing electricity costs.

Today it's raining so I'm making an insulated door for the "old house",
using pine floor boards and pallets.


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