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 Posted: Sat Mar 26th, 2022 08:34 am
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Daniel Cooper


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Hello all.

I've just joined,
and hope to add a little to this wonderful Forum.

I returned to the hobby,
after many years modelling other subjects.

I hope to build a small switching layout in G-scale.

I have made a bit of a start using what I had to hand,
and without too much experience.

'Tumbledowne' is meant to be a relaxing large scale
working diorama and shunting time waster.

A place where I can have fun,
not take things too seriously and enjoy modelling.

Set in the period just before WWI
in some undetermined spot in the USA.

The idea is to just build something reasonably quickly
and cheaply but have an overall nice looking finish.

The plan so far is...

I have roughed in the baseboards and have the track down
so as to run trains and see if I like the layout.

Which so far I do.

I have been slowly building up some rolling stock,
3D-printed up some link and pin couplers.

And bashed up a very small manual turntable.

I've been bashing in an interior for a Bachmann coach,
and hope to have a caboose on roster soon.

Till then I'll keep bashing away,
and running trains with a big smile on my face.

Thank you all for looking in.
I hope you like.


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