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 Posted: Sat Mar 26th, 2022 11:00 am
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James Macintyre


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I am living in a independent living senior facility.

We have a new owner who has decided
to allocate a room in the basement for a model railroad.

It's about 30' x 40' large but not enormous,
so I am figuring that On30 is the ticket.

Large enough for old eyes,
and small enough radii to get more than a loop going.

Built on expandable modules about 2' x 4' to start.
I will chronicle the development of the project here.

Me, I've been a rubber gauger for years.

I have interests in military and fantasy modeling as well.
This affects my style and scope of my modeling.

So far I have an artist and a padawan learner on board.

If you are interested in a place
to spend your leisure years in beautiful northern Illinois,
and want to do some trains speak up.

I could use some help.

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