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 Posted: Sat Mar 26th, 2022 10:59 pm
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Daniel Cooper


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Thank you for the warm welcome and encouraging comments.
I hope to add more soon.

So many things/ideas I want to try.
On todays list are 'No Clearance' signage on the turntable uprights.

SWMBO pointed out I didn't need any workers getting squished.
She's super good at occupational heath and safety.



I am honoured Sir.
Super stoked you like my little efforts.

The layout name, like much of what I do is a bit twee,
but hopefully sets the mood.  I want to have fun.

I have had a lot of said fun building the turntable,

Much still to add to it,
signage and a brick pit wall for starters.

But it works and adds a lot to my 'play'.

Turning the engine to have trains leave town adds a bit of fun,
it allows me to turn my coach,
so passengers leave town facing the right way.

It was a great exercise in Fusion 360 and 3D-printing too.

The right side is slated for the back of the local Railway Hotel,
cough, bordello.

Placed at an angle to try and help with
the 'end of the world' layout edge problem.

I have thought of adding an open tin shed
backed onto another background flat
(Railway maintenance building ?)
on the left side of the turntable.

Not prototypical I know, but a spot to store the loco
out of the weather but not hide it from view.

So many ideas and projects.
(Funny that's the reason I started this whole caper)

Thanks again for your interesting and encouraging comments.


Thanks !

I'm happy you like what I've done so far.
I hope to keep your interest.

G-scale sure does chew up the available space.
Though I think a six foot shelf could do in a pinch.

Everything is so big !
and where you can dodge or fake details in smaller scales,
everything is on show at this size.

I hope I can tempt you to start something,
because honestly I'm having a blast.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by for a look.
I hope you have fun.

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