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 Posted: Sun Mar 27th, 2022 06:06 pm
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Mikel Parker

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I know how many corners I have painted myself into,
by my clear understanding of instructions,
then blatantly ignoring them...

I swear it's mostly getting ahead of myself,
or wishing I added something (weight, lights details, etc.)
before I glued that together or down.

A lot of folks seem very at ease with tearing things apart,
but I so seldom make any progress (especially on my layout)
that I am reluctant to go back and rebuild unless forced too.

Dumb I know.

Oh yes, further digging led me to discover,
#02 was scrapped with RGS gear and trackage.

Derailed in 1951 and never restored to function.
Sad end to a interesting bit of narrow gauge like so much other.

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