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 Posted: Sun Apr 3rd, 2022 09:16 am
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Daniel Cooper


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Thanks Si. !

I do love a little joke now and again.
It's all about the fun.

I have since added some 3D-printed stake pockets to the flatcar.
Need to add some lettering too.

Overall the layout got a bit of paint.

Both on the ground,
and a start was made on a small backdrop.


The turntable got some signage,
and a start was made on a brick walkway.
(I ran out of bricks !  200 so far)

The rolling stock roster got some additions,
with a pair of nifty Bachmann side dump cars,
which are just great and actually work.

They have metal frames and wheels,
and run very well out of the box.

On the 3D-printing side, I started to design a tank,
to add to a second little flat car I'm working on.
(Still a WIP)

But all up a great week,
and so much other stuff to do/think about.

Need to get some kind of tethered throttle/controller,
find a spot where all my stock can sit while I work on the layout,
and fix up some kind of drape to cover up the benchwork.

Thanks for looking in.


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