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 Posted: Wed Apr 6th, 2022 09:17 am
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Daniel Cooper


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I just could not wait.
I added a tethered DC throttle to the layout.

Man !  What an improvement !

So much more fun
to be able to control the engine on the move
without having to run back to the controller after every move.

I think the loco runs a bit smoother too.

I do wish that the throttle box had a hook or a loop
so as to be able to hang it from the facia when not in use
but I'm sure I'll come up with something.

I also added a cabinet
to house all the wiring and whatnot out of the way.

I mounted an old wooden box that some booze came in
and which I have been meaning to chuck out for ages.
(Never throw out anything) and painted it up for fun.


I still need to clean up, shorten some wires,
label said wires and do some cable management.

But running trains just got a whole lot more fun.

Thanks for looking in.


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