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 Posted: Fri Apr 15th, 2022 07:37 am
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Daniel Cooper


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Thanks, Helmut and Steve,
neat ideas.

I think I've got myself sorted,
if only in the forward direction right now.  

A bit of a back and forth week.

I realised that my couplers were way too small in this scale,
and decided to resized them up by 150 percent.

This meant reprinting them all and reinstalling them.

This also laid bare my abysmal standardisation,
in that I needed to make a gauge,
so all the couplers would be at close to the same height,
on all the cars, for good operation.  

The paint shop was busy,
blacking in the exterior of the coach,
lettering coming soon.

The colour is SWMBO's choice and I do think it's striking.
I can now get to painting the interior wood grain finish.

The workshop has started to add bits back onto the Loco,
and getting her ready for the paint shop.

Worked on some LED lighting,
and other bits and pieces.

Worst news is my beloved Dremel Stylist motor tool,
is finally going to give up the ghost.

She won't hold much of a charge now,
and after years and years of great service will need to retire.

Trouble is they don't make the this style anymore,
and I'll have to adjust to something new, sigh.

Off to do family stuff over Easter weekend,
so that's enough modelling.

Thanks for looking in.


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