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 Posted: Tue Apr 19th, 2022 10:15 pm
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Ken C

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Found all three sections have been well worth reading,

sort of a condensed and organized version of the

information you have sent to freerails.

As for the boxcab conversions, they will have to wait, I

need!! to get busy and finish up a 2 stall engine house,

dead line is this Sept for a meet, When I do silly things

like making smoke jacks 5 feet in height instead of 5 feet

in diameter, needs to be chucked in my lathe and turned down

only need three ( I may add the shop stall, which was a

later addition). The prototype plans were drawn up (1895)

before the shop addition.

If they turn up four ore car conversion's to do, pretty

well a one evening project. I've converted four already,

felt I needed another four. :bg:

Ken Clark

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