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 Posted: Tue May 3rd, 2022 09:21 am
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Daniel Cooper


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I've been working away on Tumbledowne.
Bits and pieces everyday.

It has been great therapy for me,
and I'm very much enjoying modelling trains once again.

Not very photogenic, but I purchased a Mylocosounds sound card,
and succeed in getting it set up.

A very nice unit, very small in size,
but great features and easy to use.

I don't intend to install it on the loco, as I don't want to loose cab details,
but I have fitted it to the layout, and had much fun playing with it.

With such a small layout you only loose a little bit of immersion,
not having the sound coming from the loco.

I did however need a small building to mount the unit onto the layout.
So...  I have started to bash one up.

I don't think it's too shabby so far.
Just some 30mm foam sheet covered in balsa.

The windows are Evergreen strip styrene over some O-scale windows,
used as a core to keep everything square and the right size.

Bricks are the same ones I have used for the turntable walkway,
grouted in with, well, tile grout.

I don't yet know what colours I'm going to go with,
cream yellow with red primer trim, is the front runner right now.

Plans call for a tarpaper shingled roof (sandpaper),
and a set of wooden steps and a lean-to out the back.

The structure is meant to be a paint and flammables store,
so some nice 'NO SMOKING' and 'Flammable' signs seem in order.

Thanks for looking in.


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