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 Posted: 7 May 2022 12:19 am
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Ian McKinley


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Hello TC

Since this has been brought back to the top
someone may look at it in the future and hope for more ideas.

It seems every time the question of Sn42 is brought up,
many people suggest looking outside the US.

That's ok but does shortchange our local 42-inch gauge inspirations.
Many small logging operations used cast off urban transportation equipment.

Think steam dummy locomotives, mostly 0-4-0 tank engines.
Also, there were quite a few Shay locomotives built to 42-inch.

Here is a website developed around one person's interest in 42-inch.

Personally, I keep coming back to Sn42 as an alternative to On30
for a budget retirement layout in a spare bedroom.

I always look at how much space structures take up
and how easy people are to paint.

Happy modeling.


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