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 Posted: Wed Sep 24th, 2008 02:46 am
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Great idea Woodie, you've hit upon perhaps my favorite aspect of the hobby!

Here's a few that I have in progress:

My latest railbus, riding on a modified Kato chassis:

Two Japanese railbusses, both built from Aru Models etched brass kits:

The second one has since been modified to run on a Bo-Bo type chassis.

A VW (from Roco) four wheel version:

Another VW work-in-progress, with a mean lookin' plow:

And finally a Mercedes Benz truck mounted on a Kato 11-105 mechanism, with a scratchbuilt baggage/passenger compartment. I call it the German Goose:

They're all HOn30 and all running on Kato 'Pocket Chassis' which are sold in Japan to power I think Bandai shorty train toys, but are excellent for HOn30 modelers!


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