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 Posted: Wed Sep 24th, 2008 04:09 pm
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W C Greene

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Dave-it wouldn't be a bad idea! It seems that there is a lot of interest in this subject and it should include "critters" since some guys think railcars belong in that department anyway and not limit the thread to just narrow gauge either. I believe that Model T's were made into locos for NZ railways so there's a railcar/locomotive that is most definately a "critter" and what about Fordson rail tractors? Here in the US (Texas), the Bartlett & Western used a Model T railtruck and Fordson rail tractors to move cotton products up & down the line. When I begin to find photos of all this stuff, they will be posted. So, yes, we may need a section just for this craziness.


Cody-your HOn30 railcars/trucks/busses are just great! It seems to me that you should be able to run your railroad with just what you have shown us. No locomotives, just railcars. What a concept.

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