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 Posted: Sun Sep 28th, 2008 05:45 pm
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This car was built in the shops of the East Broad Top Railroad (3'gage) in 1924 from pieces salvaged from an old Maxwell automobile. It was called the "Maxwell car" at that time. It was used at various times in its life for track inspection, telephone line maintainance, payroll delivery, and as an ambulance.

While this is not the best of pictures, it is the oldest know photo of the car in its as built condition

Evidently, the Maxwell engine was not up to the job, so in 1928 the shops replaced the engine and transmission with one from a 1924 Nash auto. We don't know if the Maxwell rear was retained at that time, or not. Because the railroad had assembled the Brill gas electric by this time, the Maxwell became M3 and the Brill M1. M2 was a short lived abortion made from an old street car body, the less said about this the better, as it was a total failure.
The M3 ran when the railroad shut down in '56, but was finally  rendered non operable by people fooling with it that didn't know, or care, what they were doing.

Unfortunately, I don't have access to a picture of the car prior to the restoration.

A couple years ago, a plan to restore the car, at no expense to the railroad was made by volunteers. While many people lent a hand, the major part of the work (and money) was provided by Larry Freeman, Charlie Wooten, and myself. The car was brought to Larry's shop, and the engine transmission and rear to mine. Everything, and I do mean everything, was rebuilt or replaced.

Engine installed, and new pilot made- taken in Larry's shop

The controls

More pictures of the rear axle rebuild, which had been replaced sometime after the Nash parts were installed, are at General Talk, under the "Oh dear- what have I got myself into" thread, by Yetter_man.

Finished, at the EBT

Coming back to the station after the maiden run. I had the honor of being the first to run down the 7 miles to the picnic grove, and back

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