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 Posted: 7 Feb 2009 06:38 pm
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Bill Fornshell

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ebtm3 wrote:
Hi Bill

What type of drive are they going to re-install?

Almost a given that it isn't going to be original- but the outside looks great!

rb:old dude:


No power trucks survived over the years. They will use a CAT Diesal that was donated to them but from the outside they will make it LOOK as close as possible to the orginal.

In talking to the museum "Curator of History" he said they may not use it for people to ride. The steps into and out are tricky and several workers have fallen going in or going out. It also may be to fancy to let people use.

If they do use it for rides I would go for the ride.

I am going to call and find out the paint numbers for the body and top and paint one or more of mine those colors.

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