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 Posted: 8 Feb 2009 10:45 am
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oh my , oh my, now they are talking about McKeen stuff on the yahoo group there no escaping it ????????.

Oh, if your restoring something, you use the ORIGINAL DRIVE TRAIN, not some catapillar diesel thingie. They are HOT RODDING  it, not restoring. The original acf hall scott motor has parts available for it.  They are just taking the cheaper easy way out. 

Also whats the sense of restoring it to running condition if you cannot drive it ? May as well save more money by not puting the motor in it.

The body panels on this restoration leave a lot of wondering as to what level of poorness to grade this....that thing has so many waves down the side of it, should be hooking at hollywood and rodeo drive in LA >>>>>>>LMAO

pass the bondo they say, we will make her straight, bloop & more bloop + air powered belt sander......think am gonna hurl at the thought.


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