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 Posted: 9 Feb 2009 09:38 pm
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Same type, just a few years later "production" one. The original plane was cannibalized by the Wrights, to make following experiments. Years later, they scraped up all the old parts that they could find, and used them to "recreate" the plane, and sent the result to the Science Museum in England, because they were mad that the Smithsonian wanted to give Langley credit as the first. The plane came back to the US and went to the Smithsonian after WW2, only after the Wright heirs extorted an agreement from the Smithsonian, that even if other evidence came to light the question of the Wrights being the first would be supported by the Smithsonian

Read "History by Contract"  O'Dwyer & Randolph

Sorry, Hotshot, I know that this is off railroad topic.

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