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 Posted: 9 Feb 2009 10:09 pm
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Well, since that McKeen has been "degraded" by the use of a different motor, I suppose most of my locomotives are unworthy also. Most have Sagami motors and my Garratt has 2 motors from an old word processor. It is such a shame that I followed the examples set forth by the McKeen's restorers. I will just have to be content with my poor stable but realize that there are many others in the same situation. Shame on all of us for our transgressions.  On the flip side, the McKeen restorers did a great job and even if the car is "substandard" least it IS RUNNING and looks good. There are many pieces of old equipment with their original motors just sitting in a park rusting away. Maybe that's what it is all about-if it can't be "pure", then it must be destroyed! Hmmm...didn't Uncle Adolph promote that "belief"???

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