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 Posted: Wed Feb 11th, 2009 06:42 am
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All restored machines have certain flaws. Anyone attending a true classic car,aircraft, tractor, or other "machine" show with some amount of knowledge must realise that the restored versions look many times better than when the "machine" was first produced. The #22 V&T McKeen I'd be sure never had a straight body panel from day one. The metal riveted construction certainly would not have allow for temp changes and the plate production then was nothing like todays modern sheet metal mills. We know from historical text that the original drive lines were replaced quickly after delivery as they were underpowered, fragile, tempermental to operate, and very undependable. Technology at the beginning of the last century was progressing at such a rapid pace that there was no reason to "store" the old. This was very true of the railroad era, the 5 masted skooners, the motor car, clothing, and just about any other element of the past. We seldom see gas powered refridgs, hit and miss powered washing machines, we don't shave with straight razors, technology has moved on new and....well......improved. We can be thankful that private donations, charities, persons,  and other organizations have kept many aspects of the past surviving. It would have been a shame if someone didn't at least attempt to "restore" not only in this case the #22 McKeen, but many of the relics of the past that otherwise would just be a fading memory of mans past. Many materials available at the time of production simply do not exist anymore, knowledge has also been lost, never to be revived. The Statue of Liberty was "restored".....but not using the same old materials as it was first that less of a "restoration"? Is the paint used on a classic car restoration make the car not original because the paint was not the cars original finish? Some things just didn't last or can't be produced today, so we have to .......overcome and improvise to the best that can be.

I'm glad for one that the past is "preserved" in many forms. Oddly enough; a benefit for all mankind, interested or not by all.



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