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 Posted: 11 Feb 2009 08:27 pm
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Steamie.........a correct restoration done properly will duplicate the fit and finish of the vehicle. In true restorer circles, OVER RESTORED has points deducted .

A local fellow here has a 1964 mustang convert and him and i have conversed many a cruise nite evening . His is a HI 90'S POINT correct restoration with the exception of the quality of the topcoat black paint. Its too smooth not enough orange peel in it.  But everywhere else, there are 5 different shades of black used on various parts of the cars chassis and underhood area. He showed them too me !!!!!!! more than once.

Its gotten to the point that you have to have all the correct chalk & grease pencil marks on the floor and firewall pans. The correct paint stick marks on various components. In a nutshell its absolutely ridiculous, but let em say this, its their bag, not mine.

A friend lent me a book once about correctly restoring a 1963--1967 chevrolet corvette. The books attention to details was MIND BOGGLING. I read it once cover to cover and vowed i would never get into that trap.  Did not matter because i was building a street rod anyway.

When you see those 60..70 hi dollar resto's cross the block at barrett jackson, you know they have been done right.  But shouldn't an untouched original 5,000 mile z28 1969 camero 302 cu in 290 hp fetch significantly more than a restored one.???  Its always an arguement that can go on infinitum.


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