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 Posted: Fri Nov 6th, 2009 01:48 am
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The latest scratchbuild on the O&E is an Ingersoll-Rand oil-electric (an early name given to diesel electrics) While properly this should go in the Scratch Build forum, I've decided to keep items about the layout in one place. Since there is no O scale std gauge forum (and NO Dave, I'm not suggesting one) I am going to try to weasel my way in here with the big guys Hope that they don't notice.

The sides and ends, with rivets punched. Side and end material is .030' thick. Window mutins are .030" copper wire, run through a set of rolls to reduce the thickness to .020"--which increases the width to about .040".

Window frames and doors installed

closeup of an end. Rivets are oversize from what I usually emboss- smaller ones seem to get "lost' on a black surface

and the sides and ends soldered together.

stay tuned! If you ain't tuned---get tuned!

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