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 Posted: Thu Nov 12th, 2009 01:26 pm
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The requirement for screens at the front of steam tram trailers was just one of a whole collection of regulations that British steam tram operators had to obey.

Quite a few of them seem to have been devised specifically to ensure they could never be viable.

Some were so ridiculous that they even passed into folklore - 2mph speed limit in towns - having to have some guy walking in front, carrying a red flag - a maximum of 2 trailers (which was why double deck, bogie cars became popular) - plus onerous requirements about steam and smoke emissions (which was why lots of them had roof condensers and ran on coke).

All in all, the only people who really stood to gain from this nonsense were the owners of horse tramways.

Rules on mainland Europe seem to have been a bit more sensible, with the result that steam trams got bigger and lasted longer. Here's a link to footage of a restored steam tram in Bern, Switzerland:

I'm not sure about the fake sepia effect and Scott Joplin soundtrack - but they're novel.

As for models, steam trams have been neglected by RTR manufacturers, especially in Britain. (I think you can safely ignore the toys with no interiors - but with silly faces, aimed at Th*m*s fans.)

For O-16.5, there are some very nice card kits of Kitsons, produced by Alphagraphix. Other than that, British steam tram modellers are abandoned - I'm sure there are commercial reasons, but it's very frustrating.

I guess I might end up scratchbuilding!



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