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 Posted: Thu Nov 19th, 2009 06:19 pm
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intersting stuff about the 4 cyl maxwell engine originally installed.

The 1916 thru 1925 maxwell was all the same thru those years. Chrysler  bought maxwell in 1924 and used that same 4 cyl motor in various chrysler models 1925--1928.

They changed the motor slightly for the introduction of the 1928 plymouth and that lasted until 1932 when the 4 cyclinder production ended.

The cylinder head gasket for all these years is basically the same with the exception of the size of a few water jacket holes , the cylinder bore remained the same. The 1929--1932 plymouth for some reason had the cylinder head rounded off on the top corners.

This info is from my prior life as GASKET KING COMPANY LIMITED specializing in 1909--1950 cylinder head gaskets , new original old stock.


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