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 Posted: Fri Nov 20th, 2009 04:52 pm
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Yep, Mike~~~~~~~~~

My ole brain processor doesn't work for the last 20 years but it's razor sharp for everything before that. I remember riding in Franklins and my Dads church puchased an old Chandler. I can barely remember our family had a horse (and stable) for the family buckboard. Others were Brushes (not running) and a Maxwell or two and of course Model Ts. A friend and I twice drove a 1915 T from Waco, TX to Alaska and back for the newspaper story but that was shortly after WWII. Both times we had enough parts to build one if needed. No Stanley Steamers but there was a Doble and I was given a White electric from a very old lady who had been a family friend for years. That happened during the war when gas rationing was in vogue. In mint condition,too. Planning ahead, I drove it in two days to Bonham TX where I was a flight instructor for WWII Aviation cadets and then kept it running around Bonham for a year. A real blast. Never ran out of electricity. Built my own charger. My first car was a1940 Ford 60 business coupe but due to the lack of anti freeze I had to cobble two water punp impellers from aluminum to replace the Bakelite ones chewed up by the ice in the cooling system. Them were the days! Willys Knights, Oaklands, Mack solid tired trucks and of course all the Reos, Chevtolets, Cadillacs, etc. I have skipped around in time but....


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