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 Posted: 7 Dec 2009 01:12 pm
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madmike3434 wrote: W C Greene wrote: Well, since they ain't gonna install the original motor/drive...then maybe they should just set fire to the thing & have a bbq. I had an MG Midget like that once, I installed a Datsun 4 banger & transmission when the old MG motor crapped out. Yep, I sure should have kept the blown out motor in her, maybe getting a mule to pull me around in it. What was I thinking?


If they are not putting the original acf hall scott motor in the McKeen, then they are not restoring it, they are hot rodding it. May as well leave the motor out and just pull it around for tourista stuff with a small diesel switcher.

No they will not pull the cat diesel out and replace it with the original later. Just doesn't happen.

Lets see you had to pull the MG motor and trans. Purchase and Adapt the datsun to its MG chassis  with new fabricated motor and trans mounts. Cobble up some kind of exhaust pipe to exhaust pipe mish mash. Cobble up the positive ground electrical system. Get a new driveshaft cut to mate up to the rear end.  install a new shifter mechanism. plus more work.

You could have bought new rings and bearings and a gasket set, maybe a set of 10 thou over pistons to fit into the bored out cylinders. rebuilt the motor for less agro.

This would have been a heck of a lot cheaper and less work than butchering up a good MG midget.

For the record fitting a Datsun transmission into an MG would have been a doddle. Check any early OHV Datsun and notice the similarity to a BMC engine. Datsuns made Austin A40 under license after WW2, including the engine.
Someone who worked in Africa once told me that they used to put Datsun engines intp old Austin bodies. The Austin bodies were tougher than the Datsuns, but the Datsun engines were better. The gearboxes bolted straight on. No extras needed.

For the record. Early Toyotas have a passing resemblance to Hillmans - for the same reason post WW2 license building.

PS Like the Keene Railcar. That shape.

On the topic of 'original' engine. There is a railcar locally from early 20th century being restored. It had a petrol generator unit. Even if they found one they could not use it. Objective is to get it running.

Was not the motor on the Keen a direct drive, and reverse was by reversing the motor?

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