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 Posted: 8 Dec 2009 11:18 am
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Wahiba wrote--

Was not the motor on the Keen a direct drive, and reverse was by reversing the motor?

That's correct, but since that was very common marine practice back then and for many years after, it probably wasn't the problem area in the McKeen drive. The clutch, which McKeen pattented and called the "octoroon" (sp?) seems to have been the downfall of the drive by reports written at the time. Single axle drive, with it's accompanying lack of traction didn't help either.

Finding (impossible?) or recreating (more likely) a original engine, drive, and front truck would probably have increased the cost of restoration by a factor of ten at least. Remember that there undoubtedly are no drawings, or existing pieces to reverse engineer from.

How much of this additional money would you have been willing to cough up Mike?

And even if this happened, the spark plugs, the wiring, the lubricants and countless other items would not be original.

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