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 Posted: Mon Jan 11th, 2010 02:02 am
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Started out by making an aluminum template of the end curvature, and wood piece, made to the template curve to form the brass over.

The wood was poplar

And I had quite q bit of trouble getting the brass (even though annealed) to form the eave curves the correct distance apart. After a couple tries, each getting worse, it became evident that the wood was compressing. Finally, an aluminum form block was made to replace the wood, and an acceptable roof sheet was formed.

The two things sitting on top of the engine removal hatch that look like the old vents that were used on barn roofs, are outlets for the muffler

Next major problem is how to make the two cooling pipe assemblies for each end of the roof. These are composed of a stack of transverse pipes each of which has a sharp bend near the roof edge. Two staggered rows, coming out each side of a central tank and terminating in smaller eave tanks. Gotta think about this  L:

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