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 Posted: Tue Jan 26th, 2010 12:16 am
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Surfing through some of the older articles, I finally read one of yours in answer to my message about being old enough to have ridden or driven some fairly old machinery.

Graham of my favorite cars...I think it was a 1940 4door a rich cousin of mine had bought for the servants to use for whatever needed doing around the, etc. I dated in it and used to JUMP the local railroad track...I practically trashed the car unknowingly being only 17 at the time and newly provided with HER wheels.

Another friend had 2 Cords...both being restored. One was a closed car with an additional trunk on the back...I think called a Berline...the other had no trunk. We finally ran both. As I remember they both had Continental engines. Were they stock? 

With time I'll tell about our 2 trips to Alaska in the same 1915 Model T. Wild times. Even right after the war (WWII)many miles were very little more than 2 muddy ruts where the perma frost had gotten soft.



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