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 Posted: Tue Jan 26th, 2010 03:45 am
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Sorry, Mike~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You forget that my memory is sadly distorted or non existent. I do remember that La Salle and Cadillac both were built into, but not including all of 1942...then production continued slightly longer for the big brass. My cousin in Ft Worth bought one each 42 La Salle and fact they bought the last Cadillac limosine. Also the Graham...they simply kept on calling them Graham Paige out of habit. They had the slope forward grille that, at the time made it look like it was going 120mph. This one was white. You didn't mention Oakland, the cheap (?) Pontiac. I saw the last one at the 1934 Chicago World Fair.

I finally drove a Raymond Loewy Studebaker convertible a pilot friend of mine bought when he got married. I never saw but his one convertible...few and far between...I still like the coupe version as one of the beauties of all time. NOT that damn Avanti that came later. Argh.

I rode in any number of those I mentioned in my first message...Chandler, Franklin,Whippetseveral others of earlier vintage that memory prevents me from citing. With my family we drove all over the US in Chevrolets bought semi annually from about 1925 or 6 until the War. I remember the ruckus caused by the introduction of the first Model A.

Clincher rims...wooden spokes you had to se

t in a creek once a week to keep them from creaking around corners. Telescoping running board luggage carriers. Five in my family, each with his own pillow to sleep on...I had to sit on all that were not in use, but that was the only way I could see out of the car. I have picture of some of us before leaving for various destinations. Yo Semite (Spelled that way in 1931) and Mariposa Grove where we had our picture taken with my Dad's Autograph super folding camera (616 film) Verichrome (red first time

didn't fotograph black.) sitting in or under the famous redwood tree that you could drive through.  

Puter coming unglued. Later.


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