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 Posted: Tue Jan 26th, 2010 01:06 pm
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sorry was dropped at the end of 1940.  The oakland was dropped at the end of 1932 and only the cheaper sister in the line , pontiac was still around. That year pontiac had the optional oakland v8 available and pontiac would not have a v8 available again until 1955.

The 1934 chevrolet had a production line running at the chicago worlds fair and you see people selling those old commemorative pin buttons on ebay.

I also still see those stretchcie running board luggage racks on ebay for the 1931 and down cars.  More popular was the stamped steel bumper mounted rear luggage rack of 1928 and up too 1936.  My 1935 chevrolet has one.

lots of great car names disappeared from 1930--1933 as the depression really took hold. more.

The war www2 killed off the rest of them that were not strong enough to make it start up production again in 1946 .

one of these days i will get to southern california and visit one of the giant car museums and view all the golden oldies.  But you got to see them in real time, when they were running around, not parked in a spot neveer to move again.


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