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 Posted: Wed Jan 27th, 2010 03:25 pm
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Mike, you are WRONG when you say LaSalle wasn't made into 1942. Cadillac and Buick also lasted into 1942. It's appalling to me how many modern day "historians" write and publish so many errors in what they write. I can also state categorically that I SAW what was an Oakland on the floor of the GM building in Chicago in 1934.

I can assure you that while the stroke took out part of my memory, it did NOT affect much before 1955...then it gets spotty and comes and goes, too.

I was 11 yearas old when I saw the Oakland...sitting on the Pontiac display area. Whether there was anything telling the public this was it's last year or whatever, there it sat.  BTW, the 1933 Century of Progress was held over and presented in 1934, due, I heard, to the volumn (sp)of attendees the year before. 

And I was 20 years old in 1942 when I was instructing Air Corp Aviation Cadets how to fly when I was seeing my cousin's 1942 LaSalle business coupe and driving it on occassion in Ft Worth and also seeing the Reimers, (that was their name) in both 1942 business coupe and limousine made by Cadillac. (Fred Reimers was Fred Weyerhauser's half brother and both were in the lumber business). My Flight Commander (flying) also drove a 1942 Buick convertible.

I had my White Electric at that time plus I was part owner of a Mercedes cast off of unknown (to me) origin. I knew it was rare but I found out much later, how rare. It was an SSKL, one of only 7 ever built to race by the factory. Burago made a model of it, indicating it was a 1931 version, and was 1/18th scale. When I discovered how rare it had been, I tried to track it down but the other owners had died or disappeared. I had sold my interest out when I bought the first car I ever owned completely (except the White), a 1940 Ford 60 business coupe which I mentioned in a previous message.

Drat! I just realized this is NOT a PM. I'm too old to rewrite it as one.

My apologies to all you folks who don't care about my ancient adventures.

 BC,Texas and Tehuacana RR Curmudgeon 

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