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 Posted: Wed Jan 27th, 2010 04:04 pm
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MUDGE , don't get your Texas flagged THONG in a knot.   

For 20 years i ran a business called GASKET KING COMPANY LIMITED, i specialized in acquiring and selling New Old Stock cylinder head gaskets from 1909 to 1948. For cars , trucks , tractors, motorcycles, marine engines, farm lighting plants, one cylinder hit and miss engines and one airplane .

I owned every gasket manufacturers ( Victor...McCord...Fitzgerald ) application book ever produced starting in 1922 and generally produced and sent to parts stores carrying their brands , every year right up until 1940 .

Sorry to say this but yes your memory is playing tricks on you. Lasalle---the cheaper cadillac ""Lasalle"" was discontinued in 1940.  I suggest you type 1941 lasalle into your search engine and see if you can come up with one.  I had a 1942 issue of the victor gasket catalogue and no mention of a 1941-42 lasalle

Also production of the oakland was discontinued in 1932.  Again search the net to see if you can locate a picture of a 1933. None of my 3 gasket books produced and printed in 1934 ever showed the oakland as being produced in 1933.

The mind is a funny thing and it can easily trick you into believing what you have somehow embeded into your memory banks, after all we are talking about events that occured 76 years ago.

Speaking of which , i was in a conversation the other day with a long time friend who started telling me all about our weekend 3 day trip to michigan and ohio back in 1980 to visit various people to purchase engine gaskets from them , using my 1975 el camino 454 SS one of the last ones made with that motor available.  I have ZERO memory of him being on that trip with me, but yet he related events that happened and the people we met and gave money too that i DO remember. 

 So it would appear that we have SELECTIVE MEMORY of events and history , yours slightly worse than mine.

Hey tell us about those great cars of the 20"s you may or may not have driven yourself opr been a passenger in.   Now about that trip to alaska in a 1915 model T to expound.


I was just re-reading your reply and the 1940 ford 60 had me shaking my head...whats a 60 ?...i just remembered that was last year for the very small 1937--1940 ****60 HP v8****.. I had a 37 ford 2 door sedan V8 60 hp from 1964--1967. It was called the BAD BANANA, because it was banana yellow and it was real quick.  It had a 312 cubic inch  57 ford T bird motor that was overbored 90 thou ?? with a 3 speed borg warner trans.  My first hot rod.  People locally still ask me about that car and where it could be .?

mike.......................grand thongmaster of whitby

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