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 Posted: Tue Feb 23rd, 2010 04:35 pm
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HollywoodFoundry wrote: Here is a gas car used by the Victorian Railways in Australia. It was built on a chassis of a British AEC bus. It has a 4 cylinder Tylor engine.
And here is a model of the same vehicle. They often pulled one or two trailers behind them. The model is powered, in HO scale, and comes complete with a single trailer.

That's what I call a railbus - and (dare I say it) a "Regal" model.

Decades before my time - I doubt if many survive - but it just oozes character.

All that's missing now is a blue triangle.

For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, AEC was originally set up by what later became London Transport, to build most of their buses - hence the red roundel design. On later vehicles, this roundel was often incorporated into a blue triangle, pointing down towards the centre of the radiator grille.

There were actually a number of name changes, as a result of mergers - there were also a number of changes in their logos. Eventually, the name settled down as AEC (short for Associated Equipment Company, with the logo being some variant of the roundel in a blue triangle - in some cases, silver wings were added either side of the triangle.

Most of their buses had names starting with "R" - single deckers called Regal or Reliance - double deckers called Regent or Renown. Trucks usually had names starting with "M" - Matador, Mandator and Mercury being well known examples. There was, however, some blurring of this - some specialist trucks were built onto bus chassis.

This wasn't the only AEC to find its way onto the railways:

AEC ceased trading a number of years ago (mainly due to the same political interference that ultimately destroyed Bristol Commercial Vehicles and Eastern Coach Works). A number of groups and websites have since sprung up, in an effort to keep the company's memory alive - anyone interested in finding out more about the company might wish to check the following links:

Anyway, I think I'd better sign off now, before I send everyone to sleep!



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