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 Posted: Wed Mar 10th, 2010 12:03 am
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W C Greene

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Well, well...something got done today.

I put some 3/4" lath around the layout. This will be finished as weathered wood and the scenery may undulate along the edge also. With this done now, I won't be messing with the edges after the rest of the layout is done-less chance of screwing stuff up. The lath (pine) was attached with epoxy and Titebond 2 so it will be there forever. A little sanding and she's ready to weather. You may notice the City of Dallas garbage is just the right height for me to work on the layout outside, funny how things like this work out!

Here's one of the switches made the H. Kephart way. This will be explained later. see how it flows pretty well out of the curve into the passing siding. Later on, the ties will be cut to length and a Caboose Hobbies switch stand will be fitted.

This view shows the passing siding and...BY GOSH! By lowering the grade a bit, with Mopman's advice, I will be able to build the switchback that I wanted to begin with-there's enough room for 2 plus cars at the mine and clear the switch! The switchback will be just to the left of the roll of solder and rise up to maybe 3 or 4 inches. Again, things have changed-back to the original plan! The large piece of concrete block on the ties is a weight to hold down the roadbed after I cut sections out to lower it. The sub roadbed is 3/8 balsa since that's what I had handy and it will be covered up anyway with foam scenery.  The weather is really nice here, so I will be working on the Mogollon Railway more but this line will still be in progress.


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