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 Posted: Sun Apr 25th, 2010 03:41 am
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Dave D

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Hi Juergen,

I don't have any photos of prototypical rail buses like this, but I have seen many modeled as you are suggesting.

Many have used the Bachmann rail ruck in On30 to power it.

I think what you have in mind, is very much like the one Robn30 did in this thread.

I looked at the model through the link you provided.

It looks like you can make it work, by removing one of the vestibules on one end, leaving the floor intact and mounting the truck cab on that.

However, you will need to cut the power bogey in half if possible, leaving the geared set of wheels in place, and moving the un-geared set forward.

That way, it will look better with the wheels in the wheel wells of the truck cab , as well as preventing the cab from swinging out away from the rail centers while moving though curves, which is what that 4 wheeled power bogey will cause.

You could also use a set of wheels from a small boxcar or something like that for the wheel set in front.

Either way, I think you will need to split that power bogey, and I like the single pair of wheels idea best along with trimming away some of that bracing between the wheels on the cars carriage......Just my opinion.:us:

I know this photo edit is way more than crude but you should be able so see what I am talking about with it.

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