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 Posted: Tue Jul 13th, 2010 03:42 am
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:bg:Next off the bench is a stone scratch built two story building. It is not quite finished but I'm going to post some pics of the build so far. The building is going to be a small bell foundry. The proprieter is John Hells. So the sign on the front will read "Hells Bells".


The structure is made up of Tom Yorke castings from some years ago. The decks and stairs are scratch built as are the large doors and tracks. The boom is srcatch as is the traveling block. It was weathered using the salt method. The rof tin is homemade and rusted in Archer Ecthant. The stone and wood is a combination od acrylic paint and oil base stain. The stairs and decks are darkened with Builders in Scale Silver Wood  stain. The part that I think turned out well is the joining of the walls. Several cuts had to be made to lengthen wall sections and then hide the joints at the corners and in the straight sections. Anyway here it is and now will take up residence next to some coke ovens on one side and "Noisy Creek" on the other side.

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