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 Posted: Wed Feb 2nd, 2011 10:21 pm
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The false chassis looks like a neat idea.

From what I can work out, there were a number of British road vehicles being built at the time with similar bonnet and radiator styling.

Apart from the Austin Ten utility van ("utility" presumably getting corrupted into "tilly"), there were also a number of Bedfords (think Chevrolet...) with very similar styling. The Bedfords ranged in size from K types (similar in size to the Austin Ten), right up to O types (full sized commercials - variants included trucks and the iconic OB buses).

Meanwhile, in the Soviet Union, they were building some military trucks which might have looked rather familiar to some people:

From what I can work out, these trucks appeared in a number of variants - one of the more numerous variants being the GAZ AAA, with 3 axles. Zvezda do a kit of this one - which would interest me, if it were in a different scale:

(OK, I know there's a Unimodels kit of the GAZ AAA, in 1:48 - but I've never actually seen it. The Tamiya Austin Ten is also offered in 1:48 - as are a number of their other military vehicle kits including, of all things, a Komatsu bulldozer - but I'm not sure I'll be building rail based versions of any of them in the near future.)

Anyway, I think I'd better stop hijacking the thread ... .



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